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Bespoke Training at your workplace, that can be tailored to your group’s needs.


Dave has travelled all over Ireland delivering group training on site for Hospitals, Clinics, Emergency Services and Voluntary organisations.

Contact us with your group’s size and clinical level and we will arrange a consultation with you to assist with course selection for your audience that we will deliver at your location! 

We provide bespoke training based on your group’s needs and clinical environment.

Our on-site course content is very similar to our online content.

In addition to the core topics being taught by Dave, your group will learn in their own workplace, with workbooks filled with ECG case reviews and live interactive tuition. 

Our unique approach to classroom ECG education includes interactive novel teaching aids that allow students to visualise every perspective of their ECG Leads and strives to achieve true understanding and not simply memorisation of information. 

Our on-site group courses offer the benefit of a traditional classroom environment in which students often feel more comfortable asking questions and receiving 1:1 assistance with some of the trickier ECG concepts, with Dave on hand to ensure all students progress together at the same pace!

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